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Install RuiDa Laser Works in Arch/Manjaro Linux

by B34rd in Wine · 2 min read

So, I have a laser cutter/engraver that I put together from some scrap parts. Basically, I was poking around on eBay one day and a 50W CO2 laser showed up. I looked around for one at a decent price

HTPC Part 1

by B34rd in Htpc · 3 min read

My kids have been going crazy about video games lately. They want to play PS4, PS3, Nintendo Switch, etc all the time! I figured, why not try to combine all of that into one device, it will save a

Breathe New Life into 2009 Mac Pro

by B34rd in Arch · 7 min read

The Mac Pro circa 2009 is an amazing machine. The case is too damn beautiful to not show off and to be honest, the hardware isn’t a slouch either! It was and is a desktop server, with the dual Xeon


by B34rd in Iot · 4 min read

I’m going to talk a bit about aquaponics and why I care about it. First, let’s talk about what is aquaponics. The definition: Aquaponics — a system of aquaculture in which the waste produced by

Leroy Jenkins

by B34rd in Python · 2 min read

How many of you use Jenkins or even know what it is? Well, I’ve been running into it quite a bit lately and I found a few ways of using it to gain access to other servers within an enterprise or